Seven years ago this month, Mitchell was diagnosed with a rare infant leukemia and given only a 40% chance of survival. He was only 3 months old at diagnosis and died right after his 2nd birthday in 2014.

Strangers often stop me to tell me they know our story, have been to a Mitchell’s Fund event or read about us in a media article. It happened to me yesterday. I’m always humbled when they tell me how inspired they are by my strength.

If they only knew that it’s a daily struggle for me. I always tell them that their words of encouragement help me keep going.

It’s hard to move forward without my little boy. I loved him so much and would have done anything to save him. He was so sick and at the end of his life, my prayer changed from asking for healing to begging God to have mercy on him.

“Thy will be done” is a powerful prayer. It tells God that you trust Him completely. It’s a hard prayer to pray but sometimes it’s the only thing that will lead you toward peace and resolution; even though God’s will is not your choice of how things should happen.

I miss my Mitchie. He would be 7 years old and finishing first grade. He was such a precious child and one thing that gives me peace is knowing that he is not suffering any longer. ❤️??