“Meg tells her story of survival and coming back from so much hardship with such authenticity. She encouraged my team to look within themselves and find their purpose in life. Meg’s story of resiliency was the perfect keynote speech.”



– April Barnhardt Whitlock, Non-Profit Executive

“I fell in love with Meg after hearing her speak today!”



-Ashley Pizarro, CEO, Event Participant

“Thank you for sharing so openly with us. You are living out an amazing purpose and sharing God’s love in a powerful way!”


– Megan, conference participant

“meg’s story is one that will truly inspire. there is an immediate connection to her as she describes the raw emotion of a mother’s love and the heartbreak over the loss of her son. meg eloquently shares the pain felt by her family during the hardest period of their lives while equally and unselfishly expressing her desire to ease the financial burden of families experiencing similar situations through mitchell’s fund. meg’s ability to speak candidly and openly about love, loss and finding the way back again is something that will have a lasting impact on those who get the honor of hearing her story.”


-shelby shackelford moyer, event participant

“Even in the midst of tough times, Meg’s light shines and inspires others with her determination to ‘keep on, keepin’ on.’ I’ll put it this way…Meg is a force to reckon with, and when she was caring for her suffering child, I witnessed the truest form of love that I know I will ever see. I am grateful that she shares her story to inspire others.”


-laura james, charlotte, nc

“You wouldn’t believe how a young (yes, young) working, single mom who is raising her son and who has dealt with (and IS dealing with) great loss can be such an encouragement and example to the rest of us – but she is. Meg teaches us to hang on and look to Jesus to lead the way. We’re all scratching and clawing on this journey, and we need each other. Thank you, Meg, for being REAL.”


-Susie, event participant 

“Meg has an uncanny ability to make you feel like you are the only person in her world when she speaks with you. She exudes the same level of charm, intuition and authenticity to a one-on-one coffee date as she does speaking to a room of over 1,000. I’ve been in both situations often, and can testify to her gravitational pull of a personality.”



-Johanna Anderson Non-Profit Executive

“Thank you for speaking to our 5th graders. You said all the right things and kept the message on their level. The students were shocked at how happy you were after all you have been through. I reminded them of what you said to them them; you’ve had a lot of bad days but you make a choice to get up every day and be happy.”



-Cindy Lickert, 5th Grade Teacher

“You, as always, are a rock star, a fantastic speaker and exactly the person I’d want as my speaker at any event, to be real and strong and brutally honest and inspirational.”


-Andi Stevenson, Non-Profit Executive

“You have a very compelling story that will touch lots and lots of people. You also have a great way of telling it. Lean into it and trust that the Holy Spirit will equip you and give you a way to do it. ”


-Luke H. Maybry, Pastor, Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church

“Meg, I knew from the minute you walked in the door, you are one of those special people God put on this earth to teach us all lessons. I pray a lot for you and Mitchell and know one day you will understand that God gave you Mitchell to teach the world about love.”


-John Norris, Charlotte, NC

“Sweet Meg, my husband Edison died on November 2,1997, and All Saints Day is always so difficult for me. You have been so strong and such an inspiration to us all. I asked why for at least a year after his death before I finally realized that I should have been asking what I could do for God with the experiences I have had. You got the what part right from the very start of your grieving process. I hope you know what an inspiration you are to so many! Some day we will know why. Until then just keep sharing your strong faith. So many of us love you and pray for you.”


-Claudette Thomas, Grenada, MS

“I wish there were words that would take away Meg’s pain of losing her son. Instead, I feel like it’s her words that are used to heal so many others. She offers reassurance to others with such candor. It is more than any of us could have expected or asked for. Personally, I cannot wait to see where God will take you.  I trust Meg is on a path – a beacon of light that we all follow.”

– Candace Richter, Founder, Bee Mighty

“Meg: You are the strongest, most amazing woman that I know. You are absolutely the definition of a southern belle. You are a woman who has been true to herself and has not lost your inner fire. I have always loved you because you were never fake. You had self-esteem, gumption and I wanted your strength. You have become powerful, elegant, graceful and simply amazing. I’m so glad you are my friend and that I knew you “back when” because you make me want to strive for more.”


– Kate Shands Laudumiey

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