It happened again today.

I was in Target. I heard a 2-year-old talking in the aisle next to me. (My ears are natural radars for a 2-year-old child).

She was saying “No! No! No!” in the most innocent, yet stern voice. Typical 2-year-old.

The young mom was frustrated. Every mom reading this has been there. It’s normal.

The mom started shaming the little 2-year-old. The child’s cries became a high pitched “Noooooo…”

My grief took over and I got nauseous. That happened in the first couple of years after you left when I encountered a toddler in public. It hasn’t happened in a while. It happened today. ??

I miss you. I miss you in the deep places of my heart that I honestly did not know were there until they were filled with the pain of missing you.

April 13 will be 5 years. I will never stop talking about you. Your life continues to make a positive impact on others.

I’m humbled that God chose me to be your Mama. He knew how sick you would be and He trusted me to take care of you. ??❤️

Love your children. Be patient with them.

Mitchell Bays Turner (2012-2014)