Mitchell Bays Turner (2012-2014) and me in the hospital in 2013. We were waiting for a procedure to begin that would test his bone marrow and spinal fluid and inject chemo into his spine.

My hair was starting to grow back after I shaved it when our friend baby Gabby died. Shaving my head was my way coping with the shock I was feeling while using my dramatic appearance to shock others. I was tired of smiling while people told me how strong I was.

I still get tired of smiling when people tell me that. It’s hard to be so strong but I’ve not really been given a choice. Strong is all I know.

Today is Mitchie’s 7th Birthday. I will spend time today imagining what it’s like to hear the angels celebrating with him today.

Do something kind for someone who can never repay you today in memory of Mitchie. Pray for a cure for cancer. ??