One of the most beautiful things about the work I get to do for Mitchell’s Fund is when I get to spend time with sick children and their families. I often say that these moments are when I feel closest to God and to my late son Mitchell.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of visiting with my friend Charlotte Robson and her family. Her parents are Ian and April Slappey Robson. Her 5 year old big sister is Camille and her 8 month old baby brother is Lochlan (he gives amazing snuggles ?)

Charlotte is 2 years old and was diagnosed in July 2018 with Leukodystrophy, an incurable and terminal illness. She is a beautiful little girl and I’m proud to say that she loves me. When I talk to her she summons up the energy to sometimes move her whole body in response. Her mama says that it’s a big deal that she did it so many times while I was there yesterday?.

Charlotte let me hold her while her mom left the room to care for the other children. It was so special for me. I slowly rocked her and sang “Jesus Loves Me” and “Happy Birthday to Mitchell” to her. It brought back feelings from when I would rock and sing to both my babies.

Charlotte has a beautiful smile.

I told her about Mitchell and that I would pray for God to send him to comfort her when she needs him. I told her Mitchell will be her friend and that I love her very much. ❤️

Mitchell’s Fund has been supporting the Robson family by paying counseling expenses for her parents. The heart of Mitchell’s Fund is pediatric cancer, but The Fund also supports pediatric behavioral health. This grant falls into that category.

Being with families like Charlotte’s is a very intimate experience and one that I treasure. I am humbled to be invited into their home and allowed be near their precious children. ??

Please pray for Charlotte and her family. There are many unknowns about the road ahead of them. They know what the destination is for Charlotte, but not how they will get there.

Love your children. Spend time with them. Remember that children are a gift from God and one that should be treasured always. ❤️??