It’s been 5.5 years since my Mitchie died. The grief has gotten easier to carry but the deep pain is still sometimes there. The death of a child, parent, sibling or spouse are the hardest and darkest to grieve. Grief is not something that you “get over” but rather you “get through.” Living through It changes you forever. My friend Ashley Anderson has supported me like no other friend has. She lost her father, so she has an understanding of deep grief. She always asks me how I am, what I need and how she can help me. I can tell that she honestly means these things. She showed up unannounced yesterday with this “blues bag” to help me on days that I feel blue.

Ashley knows that some days the grief is still debilitating for me.

The “blues bag” has 40 individually wrapped gifts for me to pick from and open on days that I am sad. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions at her thoughtfulness! She has been building this collection of gifts for several months with me in mind! Please consider making a similar gesture to someone in your life that you want to comfort even when you can’t geographically be there. Ashley got the idea from a mother who made a blues bag for her daughter who was going away to college.  (It’s going to be hard to wait to open all these goodies)