Mitchell Bays Turner (2012-2014) and me in the hospital the first week after he was diagnosed with a rare leukemia.

There are so many things about this photo.

My cross necklace is one thing that is a special symbol from that time. When Mitchie was diagnosed, I wanted a small cross to wear everyday with my Momcolgist uniform of yoga pants and shirt. My body had given birth to this beautiful boy only 3 months earlier, so thank God for yoga pants.

I’ve been wearing this cross necklace again every day for the past month. When I learned the new information about the doctors who made what became the final decisions in Mitchie’s little life, I came home and put this cross back on.

I miss my precious boy and all that his life would be bringing to mine.

He would be in first grade. He would think that his Big Brother Frank is the funniest boy in the world. He would be a Mama’s boy (because that’s the only kind I raise❤️) and he would be running and playing with Lucy in the yard.

But my sweet little boy is in Heaven and he is waiting there for me.

Happy 7th Birthday (tomorrow) Mitchie. I love you and will see you again. ??