I am a complex woman who was raised in the Deep South. I was a defiant debutante. I am a successful businesswoman. My minister once described me as ferocious because of the strength I showed during my infant son’s battle with cancer. (And, oh, how I love that description of me.)


I am a child of divorce; and I repeated the cycle. Today, I am a grieving, now single mother to my living son. My already struggling marriage fell apart completely during my younger son’s battle with cancer. He passed away when he was two years old. That period was the loneliest time of my life.


Some might say I am a modern day Southern Belle. I’m tough as nails, progressive, independent and VERY outspoken. I love to dress up and wear things that sparkle. I am a good mom (most of the time) and enjoy the things that make me a homemaker like cooking dinner and keeping my nest in order.


I’m very poised but can be a little brassy. What you see is what you get. Don’t ask me if you don’t want the truth. Sometimes I can be so direct that it stings a little. (I’m working on that.) My close friends will tell you that I am honest – and loyal and lots of fun.


I am so thankful for my faith and my church. As you learn the details of my life, you will understand that I lean on both of those heavily. They are the reasons that I have survived – and thrived – despite so many setbacks.


If it’s not entirely clear, I will just flat out say it – I am real.


I have experienced real struggles. I have felt real pain. I know what it’s like to really come back from both – and to continue to live with both daily. I will share those struggles and how I worked through them in the realest and most honest way that I can.


I want to show you that real people like me trust God; real people like me love Jesus. Because, when your world falls apart around you, you need hope. Sometimes hope is all you’ve got.


Life is hard. We all have our struggles. What is it about your life that makes it hard?


Maybe life is good for you, and I sincerely hope that is the case. I hope my writing will help you through it either way. 


Welcome to my blog.